Has your competitive energy bill left you a little confused?

Whilst the competitive energy market has provided significant savings to many consumers, it has not necessarily made energy bills simpler or easier to understand. In fact the growing number of retail, network, regulatory, environmental, metering and market charges has only added to the complexity of billing systems.

Energy Bill Audit

With this increased potential for billing errors, Selectricity now offers an independent analysis of energy bills, tariffs and usage trends. This service is designed to ensure your valuable profits and time are not eaten by overcharges and systemic billing errors.

Most energy bills offer little by way of explanation about their structure, how they are calculated, or why constant adjustments and rate alterations are made. In fact, the message most customers seem to get from energy bills is to be confused, very confused!
Modern energy contracts allow for the pass-thru of various billing components, as these can change at government whim, and may even be adjusted retrospectively! Some Retailers only reconcile such billing variances when convenient for their trading and billing systems.
This has resulted in many unbudgeted and unwelcome surprises on bills. As a result, some consumers are finding it increasingly difficult to check the accuracy of accounts, and thus make informed and confident payments. Others have given up checking for accuracy, and now simply hope that the supplier has got it right.
Our independent and unbiased Energy Bill Audit will ensure your peace of mind. Selectricity can help you track billing and usage anomalies, and manage them before they become a bureaucratic and time consuming headache. Selectricity draws on extensive experience in the National Energy Market to provide an informed and detailed verification process on all contestable and regulated billing components. Our independent analysis will identify errors and ensure the growing and confusing number of charges are billed accurately by your Retailer and applied fairly by your Distributor.