This is facilitated by the National Energy Market, and involves numerous market participants.

The complex trading system involves contracting set volumes of energy over set periods of time.

As the acquisition of market share drives both generators and retailers, larger contract volumes generally achieve a better price.   

This allows Buying Groups to leverage their purchasing power, to the benefit of all individual members.

Buying Groups can be created thru various means : Body Corporates, Residential Towers, Shopping Centres, Associations, Councils, Sports Clubs and Franchises.

Regardless of the common cause, Buying Groups only succeed if all members are prepared to commit to the Group purchasing decision.

As retailers are offering their best price for the combined load of the entire group, any fragmention of the group may jeopardise the potential of remaining members to contract at the winning price.

Any fragmentation will also tend to reduce the puchasing power of the group for current and future tenders.

For this reason an independent managing agent is essential to achieving an efficient and coordinated approach for the entire group.

Selectricity organises and manages energy tenders for various Buying Groups, and is able to evaluate the potential to organise your group and enhance your power to purchase.

Buying Groups
The competitive energy market is based on ongoing competition between competing generators and retailers.