Most large industrial and commercial energy users well know that the site Maximum Demand can have a considerable impact on the bill.  We estimate that approximately half of large customer network tariff revenue is comprised of either Maximum Demand (electricity) or Maximum Quantity (gas) charges. Such charges are levied to provide an inbuilt incentive to control and reduce your instantaneous draw on energy.  This results in a flatter system load and less system stress during peak periods.  The local Distribution company therefore achieves a more efficient network, requiring less investment for peak capacity and load-growth upgrades.

An unmanaged load will often have a high Maximum to Average Demand ratio, and will pay for this privilege thru ongoing and high demand charges.   Making matter worse is the fact that future demand charges can be based on any previous peak recorded demand.   So unless negotiated down, your Maximum Demand can inflate all future bills, not just the current one.

Selectricity employs a proven strategy to reduce exposure to Maximum Demand cost blowouts :

  1. UNDERSTAND your existing load shape.  Via our online meter data service, we can graph and study the profile, and correlate this against known processes and equipment.
  2. IDENTIFY problem areas and/or opportunities that can be easily managed to reduce load, avoid waste, reschedule plant or stagger start-up processes.
  3. ACTIVATE your Demand Management strategy and monitor online energy data to correlate results against actions.
  4. APPLY for a Maximum Demand Reset, to ensure the achived result has an actual impact on the bill.

A Demand Management strategy can achieve significant results.  However it need not be limited to simple manual operating procedures.  For more complex loads, an integrated Demand Management System can be employed to automatically monitor demand, and schedule plant based on assigned priorities and time-zones. This would take an element of human control away from the process, and (within system parametres) achieve a more reliable and consistent result.

Selectricity stands ready to ensure your Maximum Demand is managed to optimum efficiency.

Demand Management