Your relationship with your energy supplier may not always run smoothe.

For this reason, Selectricity offers a tailored Dispute Management service.

In our experience, we have noticed that the following key issues are the main source of customer frustration :

  1. late or inaccurate bills
  2. delayed account transfers
  3. inappropriate tariffs
  4. credit and payment policies
  5. maxium demand and capacity settings
  6. take-or-pay clauses
  7. supply quality and outages

In all cases we recommend an earnest attempt to first settle the matter with the supplier direct.

However, despite your best intentions, we recognize that suppliers do not always see or understand the customer’s view of things.

In such cases, a third party can be helpful in breaching the gap, and hopefully resolving the issue.

We cannot claim to be independent or unbiased here, as we are employed by you to ensure your rights under the relevant codes and regulations.

It is also helpful to recognize that not all of the above issues are under the direct control of the retailer.  For this reason we may end up dealing with various parties, including your Retailer, Distributor, Meter Provider or Meter Data Agent.

We cannot guarantee that we will always win the argument.   And will certainly advise you if we believe the issue bears little hope of your desired resolution. 

However, in all cases we will employ our informed knowledge of energy market codes, supplier policy and ombudsman precedents to your advantage.

Dispute Management