Certainly today’s energy buyer now has a lot to think about when buying energy.

As always, seasonality, weather, politics, trading and environmental factors will continue to influence energy generator pricing behaviour.

However, current buyers now face the potential impact of both a recession and carbon trading to complicate matters.

How this impacts on both energy demand, and wholesale pricing remains to be seen.

However, as electricity market pricing has varied as much as 55% over the past 12 months, timing and market intelligence are the key ingredients to securing the best result.

We are therefore pleased to offer a truly independent energy tendering service.

Our proven energy procurement strategy reduces energy costs & saves your valuable time.

We are not a sales agent for energy retailers, & we DO NOT accept commissions.

We simply understand the complex energy market, energy quotes, contracts, tariffs & rates.

We tender to all Licensed Retailers, thus sourcing the best options from the entire market.

And as we do not charge Retailers to quote, they provide their absolute cheapest rates.

We compare apples with apples, eliminate hidden costs and expose contract risk.

And whilst we provide unbiased advice, only you decide on the contract winner & term.

No more dealing with sales reps, deceptive and confusing quotes, & pressure tactics.

Just one simple pricing report showing you exactly how suppliers compare, with no obligation on your part to accept any option.  

And of course, your time restored to concentrate on more important things.

We look forward to helping you with the choices, risks & opportunities of the energy market.

Energy Tendering