If you are a High Voltage customer, or considering a transfer to a High Voltage supply, Selectricity can help you evaluate and manage this issue and achieve a competitively priced and value based solution.

What is High Voltage Supply?

Low Voltage supply is traditionally taken at the 415 Volt terminals of the substation or supply point on-site.  By contrast, High Voltage customers take supply at a metering point before the substation, on the incoming High Voltage cables or wires, at a typical supply voltage of 22 KiloVolts (kV).  

High Voltage customers therefore own, operate and maintain the on-site substation and switchgear. These electricity supply assets would normally be owned and operated by the local electricity network, and form part of their distribution system.   

Benefits of High Voltage Supply

Because the local electricity Network does not have to finance or maintain additional supply assets for High Voltage customers, their operating costs are reduced.  In recognition of this, they provide a discounted High Voltage Network Tariff.  The customer’s additional costs in owning and operating High Voltage supply assets are therefore off-set by the resultant savings of the High Voltage Network Tariff.

With the right mix of annual Energy Consumption and Maximum Demand, some large energy users can save thousands of dollars in ongoing energy costs.  For major industrial businesses, the savings often make High Voltage supply the only viable option.  Some customers also prefer the added level of in-house control that High Voltage supply provides when compared to leaving this vital supply issue to external parties.

Regulatory Requirements

Owning, maintaining and operating High Voltage assets require specialist expertise that may not readily be available in-house, and can take years to acquire.   Legal requirements also exist regarding maintenance and operational safety.   There is also a requirement to provide a qualified High Voltage Operator either on-site, or at call to undertake High Voltage switching.   A licensed electrical inspector is also required to undertake a detailed inspection of new High Voltage installation works prior to commissioning. Establishing this capability in-house will require your ongoing commitment to remain experienced in a very unique and specialised field.

Your engineering personnel will need to manage all technical requirements associated with the routine administration of owning, operating and maintaining high voltage assets. Your business will also need to manage and budget for the associated logistical, regulatory, environmental, financial and insurance requirements.

Because High Voltage supply is such a specialised field, outsourcing an  experienced High Voltage Engineer provides a unique business advantage.  As High Voltage engineers work consistently within their field, they are up to date with current codes and regulations.   Having an industry specialist working on your behalf provides long-term peace of mind.

Our Service

Selectricity offers an experienced engineering, surveying and drafting team that will provide high-level engineering to support all your requirements for high voltage installations.

Our combined experience in all facets of High Voltage installations will achieve your goals in a cost effective manner.    Our designs and specifications will ensure a quality built installation that offers reliability and operational flexibility.  And whilst not taking our focus off the price, our aim will always be to ensure the end result is built to last.

We also offer an independent inspection service to ensure that your High Voltage installation complies with the relevant standards, consists of suitable equipment, workmanship is satisfactory, and provides a safe environment to operating personnel and the general public.

Our approach to this complex issue is to both inform and educate.  Our goal is to determine and achieve the most appropriate supply arrangement for your ongoing energy needs. As we are independent, and have no allegiance to Electricity Networks or Contractors, you are assured that we can represent your interests (and only your interests) with all concerned parties.

Detailed Services Available

We can provide many diverse and individual services, or a complete package, from initial enquiry to final inspection. The following is a list of some of our  High Voltage services that are available:

Whatever your High Voltage requirements may be, Selectricity stands ready to tailor our proven expertise to your own unique energy requirements.  Our focus on quality designs and equipment will ensure a reliable and long-lasting High Voltage installation.

High Voltage Engineering