Despite all best intentions, there are occasions when disputes with suppliers can only be resolved by the appropriate industry authority.   In this regard, various state Ombudsman have been established to protect the rights of energy consumers.   Links to these and all state Regulators are provided on our links page.   For this reason, we offer a comprehensive service to investigate, prepare and manage Ombudsman claims on your behalf.

Although most energy Ombudsman adopt a pro-customer approach, all must operate within and recognize the limits of the relevant codes and regulations.  This does not mean that any issue bought before them is guaranteed a quick or desired resolution.    Rather, this requires the customer’s meticulous approach to recording all communications with the supplier, and outlining clearly the core issue at the heart of the dispute.   For this reason, most Ombudsman claims take many months to resolve, and involve a clinical review of code compliance, supplier procedures and customer behavior.

Firstly, the Ombudsman will want to verify that you have made a sincere attempt to resolve the issue direct with the supplier.  For this reason, we strongly recommend that any complaint is initially lodged in writing.   Whilst registered mail can be used, we have found email to be an ideal way of quickly and efficiently registering a complaint, and ensuring a record of its receipt is achieved.  This then ensures that the supplier cannot claim ignorance of the complaint, and is compelled to respond in a timely manner.  Failure to respond will ultimately reflect poorly on the retailer, if and when the ombudsman reviews the case.  In some states, the ombudsman may charge the retailer to manage the inquiry, so there is an inbuilt incentive to resolve complaints quickly, before they reach the ombudsman.

If the Ombudsman agrees to manage a case on your behalf, a submission will be required, outlining all correspondence, communications and discussion.   Upon receipt, the Ombudsman will than formally advise the retailer of the case, and seek their response to the issues raised.  Depending on the case complexity, this process may take some months, and involve numerous communications between the ombudsman and concerned parties. 

The retailers have whole departments trained to manage customer complaints and Ombudsman disputes.  The Ombudsman also is obviously expert in this field.  The only inexperienced party is the customer. To even the odds, our Ombudsman Liaison service will employ informed energy experience to ensure your claim gets every chance of success.
Ombudsman Liaison