Selectricity is not financially involved or dependent on energy suppliers.

Whilst we have been offered lucrative commission arrangements, we do not seek or accept any reward from energy suppliers..

By remaining truly independent, we continue to source the best, non-inflated energy rates and solutions for our clients.

Our revenue simply comes from a growing customer base who recognise quality service when they see it.

Unlike other energy consultants and brokers, we do not try and confuse you with complex shared savings schemes.

Nor do we obligate you to restrictive and long-term consultancy arrangements.

We simply provide a valuable service for discerning companies who believe in sourcing specialist expertise when required.

Our service is professional, efficient and tailored to your unique energy requirements, be they short or long term.

Our energy solutions are priced well below larger consultancies who operate with much higher and unnecessary overheads.

And whilst we aim to be competitively priced, our focus and commitment is to deliver meaningful energy partnerships.

For this reason we will rarely be the cheapest, certainly not the dearest, but will always provide the best value for money.

We offer simple, fixed and once-off prices for our various energy services.

For an obligation free discussion and quote, please do not hesitate to
 contact us on 1300 887 747.