Selectricity was founded in the year 2000 by Stephen Martin, who draws on over 25 years of experience in the Australian energy sector. 

Stephen has performed various business development roles in companies such as the State Electricity Commission of Victoria, United Energy, The Hydro Electric Commission of Tasmania, Ergon Energy, Utili-Mode and AGL. His experience in managing both retail and network services for major energy portfolios is now an exclusive asset for Selectricity clients.

Selectricity has also developed a network of energy specialists who operate in very unique and diverse energy technologies and commercial services. So if your energy issues do not exactly match our listed services, please do not hesitate to contact us for an obligation free discussion.   We can either help you directly or refer you to someone who can.

Selectricity is more than just another "energy broker" or "energy consultant".     Our focus is on developing long-term and valued energy partnerships with our clients.  We provide a personalised service, by coming to know and understand your energy needs and issues on a first hand basis.  We believe that no energy issue is too small for our dedicated attention and tailored response.  Our growth in clientele and diversified energy services provide for some very busy periods throughout the year. However we remain committed to customer satisfaction and professionalism throughout.  We believe that our strict adherence to financial independence, business integrity and uncompromising ethics will ensure our continued success and sustained growth with clients who value honesty & recognise quality.

Company Profile