Gone are the days when only your retailer could install your energy meter. By contrast, An Independent Smart Meter ensures that regardless of whom you purchase energy from, you can have access to all energy usage information, and make efficient transfers from one retailer to another.

The modern Smart Meter is a sophisticated electronic recording device that replaces the traditional “dial-read” mechanical meter from times past. Smart Meters digitally record energy usage in half-hour blocks, and can provide enhanced and complex electronic information on how and when energy is used and utilised.

Freedom of Choice

Selectricity believes in removing all barriers to customer choice, and improving our client’s purchasing position. We believe the freedom to readily and easily switch energy suppliers is not only beneficial for the individual end-user, but also healthy for the competitive energy market in general.

One way to reduce the risk of delayed site transfers is to appoint an Independent Smart Meter provider. As the meter is supplied, installed, owned, maintained and managed by an independent and qualified metering specialist, retailers have one less obstacle in managing transfers. Once installed, there is no further need to change meters when changing Retailers. The time taken to install, commission and register a new meter when entering the next contract is eliminated, & thus transfers are more effectively managed. A competitively priced and independently sourced Smart Meter reduces site transfer risk, and puts you in control.

Key Customer Benefits

Unlike retailers, who simply want data to trade energy and issue a bill, an Independent Meter Provider is a stand-alone business, specialising in recording and reporting on various energy parameters. Benefits include :

Cost effective quality metering service

Access to energy data via a secure website

Graphical presentation of meter data to assist energy efficiency and management

Freedom and control to switch Retailers

Independent of any one Retailer

No meter changes at the conclusion of retail energy supply contracts

Reduced metering costs due to dealing direct with a Metering specialist

An enhanced range of recording and reporting options can be viewed and downloaded online at a secure website. Energy parameters such as KiloWattHours, Power Factor, Maximum Demand, Reactive Power, Harmonic Distortion and Voltage Fluctuations can all be monitored, downloaded and graphed. Having regular access to such information can improve your understanding of energy usage and may lead to further energy efficiency improvements.

Smart Metering