There are over twenty different energy networks operating in Australia, each with their own range of unique tariffs. We estimate around 150 electricity network tariffs alone cover the eastern seaboard. These tariffs are governed by various state regulators, subject to regular price reviews and interpretation of the Tariff Order. Fluctuating and changing energy usage may also compromise the advantage of any one tariff over a prolonged time period.  

As network tariffs have a direct impact on the delivered cost for energy, access to certain tariffs can be a contentious matter for dispute.  For this reason Selectricity offers a comprehensive Tariff Analysis to secure and maintain the most cost-effective tariff option for your changing energy needs. This service may be performed annually, in recognition of changing energy usage and demand, revisions to tariff rates and structures, and changes to the Distribution Code and Tariff Order.

Data Collection

As a minimum, Selectricity will require a copy of the current Network Supply Contract, together with 12 months energy bills.  Smart Meter data available from your retailer in an electronic format for each major site or supply point will also be useful.       With this information, Selectricity can build a comprehensive energy specification that details the energy usage, demand and supply point detail that will enable a thorough tariff analysis to be completed.   Selectricity can source this information direct from your retailer, but has often found it more readily available direct from bills.

Tariff Choice

The delivered running cost of each tariff depends solely on the volume, timing, pattern and season of energy usage.   The choice of available tariffs is influenced by the volume of energy usage, the demand, the type and number of meters, meter location, supply point, network contract and energy infrastructure on-site.   For this reason our tariff analysis is based on a complete twelve month energy profile and 12 months smart meter data as provided by the retailer.   In most cases monthly Maximum Demand readings are also required.   

Demand Reset

At times a Contract Demand is applied to an account that is based on past energy usage, no longer relevant to current activities on-site.     When such occurs, the demand is often set well above the current level of usage.   The potential for a reduction in demand can be investigated and negotiated with the electricity network, and at times can save substantial amounts.  

Load and Demand Variation

Tariffs are regulated in a variety of formats and structures.   For this reason our analysis will be based on historical billing information and Smart Meter data.   Due to tariff complexity, some assumptions may need to be made.   However, we rely on your advice with regard to any known future variance in the amount of energy used, the time of use, and the nature of energy technology on-site and the instantaneous demand.   Without advice to the contrary, we will assume that established energy volumes and patterns will continue. As savings are based on past usage, you should not proceed with a recommended tariff transfer if a substantial change in either the volume or pattern of energy usage is anticipated, as this may influence the viability and savings of the recommended tariff.  Please advise us of any planned changes so we can factor such into the analysis.

Tariff Transfer

Should the Tariff Analysis reveal a more beneficial tariff or demand than the existing one, and you wish to transfer to this arrangement, Selectricity will organise the transfer with your network.  
We will also communicate the result to your Retailer, thus ensuring the resultant savings are effective on actual energy bills. We will liaise directly with all relevant parties to facilitate the smooth implementation of the new tariff from the agreed date and check the first bill to verify the savings.

Because we understand the Tariff Order, Distribution Code and Network policies, we can ensure that supplier bureaucracy will not delay or withhold the tariff transfer.  In some cases a meter change may be required.  In this case, any regulated charges that a network may apply to facilitate new metering will be made known to you for your acceptance before proceeding.

Savings Guarantee

As savings are not known until the investigation and analysis is complete, we understand your desire to ensure your investment in our service provides tangible results.  For this reason we provide our Tariff Analysis service on a contingency basis :  ie. we only charge for the service if actual savings are identified and achieved.   This means your investment is not at risk for no tangible result, but also ensures our time spent is rewarded, but only if savings are achieved.   If we are unable to achieve savings, we will not charge for the service.

Tariff Analysis