Generate, transfer and transact energy like never before

Selectricity helps your business to plan, build and manage this.

We are proud to work with the top ten commercial and industrial energy retailers across Australia and New Zealand.

Our mission is to empower corporates to make informed energy decisions, drive operational efficiency, and contribute to a sustainable future.

Commercial Energy Brokers

We provide full energy services to Australian businesses

We understand that energy is a vital component of any organisations operations and overall success. Therefore, we work closely with corporates across various industries to develop customised energy strategies that align with their unique needs and objectives.

Our Services

With staff experienced in all facets of electricity supply, energy use and conservation, Selectricity can provide quality advice and services in many capacities.

We leverage our strong industry relationships and market intelligence to explore bespoke agreements and negotiate favourable energy contracts.

We have commercially savvy electrical engineers who can help with any energy initiative

Analysing your electricity and gas network tariffs to find opportunities for cost savings.

Comprehensive energy bill validation services for large and medium operations.

We help clients monitor and analyse their energy consumption, identify areas of inefficiency, and implement strategies to optimize energy usage.

Transform costs into savings through implementation of energy efficiency upgrades and improvements.

It’s easy to start saving

We can help you find cost savings specific to your businesses scenario.