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Selectricity was set up in the early 2000’s by the late Stephen Martin. Selectricity has grown to be a leading provider of comprehensive energy solutions, from developing business cases for investments to energy consumption and energy cost optimisation.

Selectricity aim to leverage our expertise as energy brokers and consultants to provide strategic guidance and innovative solutions to clients seeking to optimise their energy consumption, reduce costs, and transition towards sustainable energy sources. We wish to facilitate informed decision-making by analysing energy markets, evaluating energy efficiency measures, and recommending tailored energy procurement strategies that align with clients’ financial and environmental goals. By staying abreast of industry trends and regulatory changes, we strive to deliver exceptional value and help organisations navigate the complex energy landscape for a more sustainable future.

Selectricity has successfully negotiated agreements for customers in all contestable States of Australia for a diverse range of customers which include:

Large manufacturing
Transport logistics
Cold storage
Primary producers
Hospitality, clubs, hotel and resorts
Nursing homes, hostels & retirement villages
Shopping centres
University and schools

Why choose Selectricity

We are committed to delivering exceptional service and results for our clients. We prioritise building long-term partnerships based on trust, integrity, and transparency. Our mission is to empower corporates to make informed energy decisions, drive operational efficiency, and contribute to a sustainable future.

If you’re looking for a reliable and experienced energy consultancy and broker for your corporate energy needs, we’re here to help. Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you in achieving your energy goals and driving positive change within your organization.

We are proud to work with the top ten commercial and industrial energy retailers across Australia and New Zealand.

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Why Your Will Love Selectricity

Our Key Management Team

Selectricity was the first energy consultant to work with us who actually reviewed our bill makeup and found that we were on a poor tariff and average metering charges. I was really surprised how much they spotted in savings. They provided a review of the first three months on the new rates which showed a 20% reduction in network charges. I just wish we knew earlier.

Daniel W

CEO and founder of The Moorings

It’s easy to start saving

We can help you find cost savings specific to your businesses scenario.

Meynard Romero
Energy Specialist

Meynard is a licensed Civil Engineer and a Registered Master Plumber who has a diverse and extensive background in the Construction and Engineering industry, with experience in project monitoring, redevelopment, cost estimation, contractor management, project maintenance and reporting.

He also effectively handled various tasks, including managing material orders, maintaining generators and pumps, and overseeing repairs throughout the school premises as Construction and Maintenance Engineer.

He also became a professor in a University which he has had the privilege of teaching and sharing his expertise in engineering subjects. 

Lee Holmes
Director of Sales

Lee has over 25 years’ experience across multiple disciplinary energy market roles, covering Energy Trading, natural gas and electricity contracting for large commercial and industrials, Natural Gas Vehicles, and more recently with product development with distributed energy and the installation and management of Solar and Battery power purchase agreements.

Lee is an experienced leader with significant expertise in developing and deploying customer and business-centric solutions to best suit customer needs and deliver the most cost-effective outcome.

Yashel A Con-ui
Contracts / Operations Manager.

Yashel is an experienced Quality Assurance manager with a strong Customer Service background with a demonstrated history of working across several industries in healthcare and energy. Yashel manages all contract content management, and the energy evaluation processes and reporting structures and is key to our customer support services.

Charles Cattermole
Energy Consultant

Charles is passionate about the clean energy transition. He specialises in building and implementing new strategies, business models, products and technical capabilities that help organisations transition to a low carbon energy system. An experienced leader within the energy industry, Charles has significant expertise in developing and deploying customer and business-centric solutions to meet the needs of the new energy landscape. Charles’ broad-ranging experience includes wholesale energy markets, product development, regulation, and strategy. Over the past ten years, Charles has been building and leading teams within the distributed energy and emerging markets sectors at some of Australia’s leading utilities, such as EnergyAustralia, Ausnet, and FlowPower.

Charles holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA), Graduate Degree in Commerce, and a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours). In addition, Charles is currently an Executive Director and Honorary National Treasurer at the Australian Institute of Energy (AIE).

Peter Knight

Peter is an engineer and an experienced corporate energy solution architect/technologist. Having worked for a tier one retailer developing C&I programs around generation investment and navigating financial feasibility, network regulation, market contracting intricacies and physical implementation. Prior experience includes working with network operators to develop technology pilots and working as a project engineer in oil and gas.

Peter blends network, technology, regulatory and market knowledge when working with customers to navigate new contracts and bespoke energy solutions to deliver cost savings across the energy cost stack.

Peter holds a Bachelor of Engineering and is a qualified electrician.

Kevin Needs

Kevin is a highly skilled specialist in energy markets, boasting 24 years of experience across multiple disciplines. His expertise lies in Wholesale Energy Trading and serving Commercial & Industrial customer segments. Throughout his career, Kevin has worked closely with large, complex energy users, guiding them in mitigating energy price and supply risks through a wide array of sophisticated contracting options.

His advisory services encompass a comprehensive range of areas, including providing insights on market volatility, procuring fixed price forward contracts for electricity or gas supply, establishing progressive purchasing frameworks for electricity, and negotiating commercial terms for energy supply, solar, and renewable energy alternatives.

Notably, Kevin has provided invaluable support to various esteemed clients such as Woolworths, Newcrest Mining, Wesfarmers, BOC Gas, in addition to several prominent councils and universities. He has offered market intelligence information, price forecasts, and diligent analysis to facilitate both the purchase and sale of power generation assets.

Kevin’s professional journey predominantly revolved around energy retail, generation, and network businesses before he ventured into consultancy work. He has further honed his expertise with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) focused on General Management.