Solar Feasibility Analysis

Charting a Path to Savings Through Solar Energy

A solar feasibility analysis evaluates if solar power makes sense for your organisation.  It considers siting, electric usage and costs, and financing options. A good feasibility study can determine if solar is practical and helps pave the way for a successful renewable energy project. 

An effective solar feasibility study from Selectricity provides a roadmap for your organisation to transition to renewable solar energy. Our analysis demonstrates how solar power can reduce your long-term energy costs and environmental impact. With the right solution tailored to your needs, any business can go solar and achieve substantial savings on their electric bill for years to come.

Start your solar journey today with a professional feasibility assessment from Selectricity. We offer a complimentary evaluation to determine if rooftop or ground-mount solar is the best fit for your company. Our siting analysis evaluates if your facility has adequate space for a solar installation and recommends the optimal system size and design. 

Our Solar Feasibility Analysis Service Offers:

Solar Viability Assessment

Determine if solar power can reduce your operating costs through our comprehensive commercial solar assessment.

Long-Term Bill Savings Strategies

Uncover how solar power can slash your electric costs for decades.

Roadmap to Solar Transition

Chart your path to customised renewable energy with our solar roadmap.

Site Analysis and Solar Compatibility Check

Evaluate if your commercial facility has adequate space and sunlight for a financially viable solar installation.

Expertise for Renewable Savings

Selectricity's expertise delivers renewable energy solutions that slash business electric bills.

Free Solar Consultation

Selectricity offers a complimentary solar feasibility analysis to explore if renewable energy can save your organisation money.

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