Energy Analysis

Unlocking Savings Through Data Analysis

Selectricity is a recognised expert in conducting comprehensive energy analysis and auditing commercial groups energy usage. Our qualified energy assessors examine how your facilities currently use electricity and gas to provide data-driven recommendations that cut costs and environmental impact over time. 

We take a holistic approach to maximising opportunities for savings across equipment, technology upgrades and improved practices. Our streamlined reporting provides a single source of truth for interdependent sites in a straightforward format suitable for management and staff.

With a firm belief that “you cannot manage what you do not measure,” we enable businesses to monitor ongoing energy consumption through meters and monitoring. Many clients leverage us as a strategic partner to meet efficiency targets, gain a market edge and ensure compliance with current and future regulations. For forward-thinking companies, our audits create the business case for investment in renewable energy and emerging technologies.

We make commercial energy efficiency simple to understand and realistic to achieve. Our team brings decades of experience providing practical solutions for main street businesses, healthcare groups, education institutions, agricultural producers and industrial operators across Australia. Selectricity delivers insights that empower clients to take control of energy and transform the way their built environments use power. Together, we are working to make high-performance buildings the standard.


Our Energy Analysis Service Offers:

Comprehensive Energy Audits

We conduct rigorous Energy Audits to analyse your energy usage and pinpoint cost-saving upgrades.

Customised Reduction Roadmaps

We develop customised roadmaps to help you achieve meaningful energy reductions based on your businesses needs.

Site-Specific Recommendations

We provide targeted recommendations customised for your specific properties and business activities.

Cost and Carbon Savings Calculations

We calculate the utility cost savings and carbon reductions from our recommended efficiency upgrades.

Renewable Energy Opportunities Assessment

We evaluate the feasibility of solar, battery storage and other on-site generation technologies for your facilities.

Streamlined Reporting for Multiple Locations

We provide consistent and user-friendly audit findings and recommendations across all of your sites in one centralised document.

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With staff experienced in al facets of electricity supply, energy use and conservation, Selectricity can provide quality advice and services in many capacities.

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Energy Analysis
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