Invoice Validation

Ensuring Accurate and Optimised Energy Bills

Selectricity provides comprehensive energy bill validation services for large and medium operations. We go beyond a superficial review by analysing interval meter data to understand exactly how and when power is consumed in your operations. 

With decades of experience in the energy industry, we have recovered thousands in owed credits for clients through proactively checking bills for errors and optimising tariffs and usage. Selectricity takes a partnership approach to managing utility accounts, not just fixing mistakes but actively reducing costs over time.

Our validation process confirms you only pay for the energy used. Easy-to-read reports provide transparency into your accounts and recommendations to improve efficiency. Clients get a single source for verifying charges across facilities.

For businesses, energy bills often come as an unwelcome surprise. We enable companies to gain control of this major expense through data-driven insights and accountability. Our expertise eliminates the hassle of calling retailers to dispute confusing bills. Discover the benefits of worry-free cost control and management. Our validation services pay for themselves through savings achieved. Call today to start paying only what you owe.

Our Invoice Validation Service Offers:

Bill Accuracy Checks

We manually check your energy bills line-by-line against interval meter data to identify incorrect charges and errors.

Tariff Plan Reviews

We evaluate your current tariff plan to ensure you are on the most cost-effective pricing option based on your usage patterns.

Usage Trend Monitoring

We track your historical energy consumption over time to detect anomalies and better understand your energy needs.

Credits and Adjustments Retrieval

We work with your retailer to claim any credits or adjustments owed to you due to billing errors or overcharges.

Meter Data Analysis

We obtain and analyse your interval meter readings to gain insights into how and when your facilities are using electricity.

Ongoing Bill Optimisation

We continuously monitor your energy bills and usage to identify new opportunities for cost savings and improved efficiency over time and identify any energy usage irregularities.

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With staff experienced in al facets of electricity supply, energy use and conservation, Selectricity can provide quality advice and services in many capacities.

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