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Navigating Markets to Reduce Costs

We cater to both small and large customers in the commercial and industrial sectors, including those with multiple sites. We’ve got you covered for all your energy needs, whether you prefer a standard energy contract or gradually purchasing your load over time to minimize timing risks

Did you know that you should not wait until your electricity or gas contract is up for renewal. Throughout your current contract period the electricity and gas markets continually fluctuate, potentially at all-time highs or lows. At Selectricity we’ll continue to keep you updated with market movements and industry knowledge to ensure that you have all the right information available to make an informed decision and possibly contract earlier at time when the market could be more attractive.

Our Energy Procurement Service Offers:

Competitive energy tendering

We run transparent competitive bidding processes to help find you the best available energy rates. We negotiate terms that maximise flexibility for forward thinking organisations.

Progressive Purchasing

Dollar cost average into the market, committing to contracted volume gradually rather then all at once.

Energy cost analysis

We thoroughly analyse your energy usage and spending to identify cost-saving opportunities.

Energy market tracking and industry knowledge

Staying on top of trends in the energy industry and volatile energy markets allows us to gain leverage to benefit our clients.

Power purchase agreements

Looking for something more green? We can set you up with a renewable generator to meet your sustainability goals.

Gas procurement

Our gas procurement services leverage market competition to help reduce natural gas expenses for your organisation.

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With staff experienced in al facets of electricity supply, energy use and conservation, Selectricity can provide quality advice and services in many capacities.

New Service
Navigating energy markets to reduce costs and keeping you updated with market movements.
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Invoice Validation
Comprehensive energy bill validation services for large and medium operations.
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Network Tariff Analysis
Analysing your electricity and gas network tariffs to find opportunities for cost savings.
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Energy Efficiency
Transform costs into savings through implementation of energy efficiency upgrades and improvements.
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Solar Feasibility Analysis
Evaluate if solar power makes sense for your organisation.
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Energy Analysis
Data-driven recommendations that cut costs and reduce cost and environmental impact.
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We can help you find cost savings specific to your businesses scenario.